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Borobudur and Candirejo


Borobudur temple is situated in central Java and about 40km from Yogyakarta and can take 1.5 hours by car/bus to reach there depending on traffic. It is one of the busiest but most popular temples or (Candi) in Java. It was built in the 9th century and consists of 6 platforms. It is a pilgrimage site for Buddhist monks on the full moon day either in May or June and they use the top platform to meditate.

Best time to visit this temple is in the early morning as it is cooler to walk around and traffic from Yogyakarta will be less busy. Its tradition when you get there is to wear a traditional sarong that they give to you for your visit; this is to be respectful to the Buddhist religion and to the local people.

You can combine a visit to Borobudur with a trip to Candirejo.


Candirejo village is a typical Javanese village, not far from the Borobudur. Here, the residents are supported by a local organisation that started a sustainable tourism project that introduces you to the Javanese village-life and the villagers every day activities.

With a traditional Andong / Dokar (horse cart) or bicycle you will explore this peaceful village and countryside You will ride through the small rural lanes and plantations where people are earning their living and working on the land. We stop several times where your guide will explain to you about village life and to give you the chance to take a closer look at the different activities such as harvesting and drying chili (seasonal), making cassava crackers, handicrafts made from bamboo/pandanus and to interact with the locals. Next we will visit a local house where the local community performs traditional gamelan music for us, after you will get the chance to join in and try and master this amazing art form. During the tour you will enjoy a delicious Javanese meal at a community funded Pendopo Rumah (Pavilion House).



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