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The name alone suggests images of luxuriant forests, quaint villages, stylish architecture and warm smiles. From the Batur volcano to the cultural heart of the island in Ubud, the beaches at Sanur and Seminyak and the Uluwatu temple there is a Bali for everybody. There are very few destinations in the world that can offer an ancient culture, amazing natural wonders and a genuine hospitable people. Weather you choose to snorkel on the Menjangan island, a sunrise trek to Gunung Agung volcano, or maybe indulge in a spicy sate at a local warung Bali will always enchant and surprise.


This is one of Indonesia’s unspoiled islands and Sunda Trails offers some of the best Flores tour packages available. The island offers beautiful beaches and a hilly inland, perfectly suitable for stunning walks. Besides that, Flores is home to several tribes, which hold on to their traditions. Animistic practices still exist in the mountains around Kelimutu. The Ngada villages are among the most traditional ones on the island. Should you not find your desired tours in Flores on this page, please contact us for more available holiday packages or a tailor-made program. Manggarai gives you a taste of the rich Mangarraian culture and history and is the most fertile area of the island. Let us take you ‘off the beaten track’ and experience an extraordinary Flores trip.


The Heart of the nation where over half of the total Indonesian population lives. Of course home to the capital Jakarta but also Sultanates such as Yogykarata & Solo. Central and East Java are known for it’s rugged but varied landscape and numerous volcanoes of which many are still active! Mt. Merapi, Bromo National park and Ijen are all examples of this. Near the cosmopolitan hub Yogykarta you’ll find the world famous ancient temples of Prambanan & Borobudur but also large fruit & vegetable plantations of all kinds. Just north of Java are the less visited magnificent Karimunjawa islands with their sparkling white beaches.


Bali’s (not so) little neighbor, a true idyllic paradise! Lombok is famous for its beaches in Kuta and Senggigi but it has so much more to offer: it is for example also the perfect destination for making fabulous treks though the rice fields surrounding Tetebatu where you’ll get to know the warm-hearted Sasak culture and people. You will be overwhelmed by its natural beauty and ancient folk beliefs. The long overlooked South Lombok with it’s empty beaches & bays is on the destination map now that the new airport has opened up down south. Tip: Selong Blanak!Let us take you on a tour through unspoiled Lombok. Let us show you Lombok by the locals…


Sulawesi, the name conjures up romantic images of seafaring pirates and Torajan princesses. Yet Sulawesi, formerly knows as Celebes, offers a variety of cultural riches extending far beyond its colorful past. Contained within the unusual shape of Sulawesi lie volcanic mountains, lush tropical forests, brilliant green rice terraces, and deep dark lakes, all bordered by pristine beaches and sparkling coral reefs.


Kalimantan; Indonesia for the true adventures. Seeing the Orang Utans in Central Kalimantan, is a once in a lifetime experience. Tanjung Putting Nature Reserve is complex mosaic of diverse lowland habitats, mangrove swamps, tropical rain forests & lakes sheltering a diverse fauna & flora with a high population of several endangered primates & other wildlife. A Kalimantan trip is done in style with a private comfortable houseboat sailing up Kalimantan’s mighty Mahakam River, stopping along the way to get to know the mystic Dayak culture and visit their traditional long houses in hidden kampungs (villages). With some luck you might spot the rare fresh water Irrawady dolphin and the probiscus monkey with its funny nose, whom are living on Kalimantan


The sixth largest island in the world and the largest one that is entirely Indonesia. Sumatra is home to dozens of cultures and languages and we’re showing you the best parts of it. Experience the stunning beauty and heartwarming friendliness of green Sumatra. In North Sumatra, the Orang Utans live in the steaming jungle of Gunung Leuser National Park. Traveling per off road jeep you’ll conquer the muddy roads and cross-rivers. The beautiful Lake Toba is a must see of course we’ll make the journey more fun by making interesting stops along the way getting there. The local Batak people of Sumatra that you’ll meet along the way are renown throughout all Indonesia for their singing voices and cheerful nature.

Let us share our love for Indonesia and help you discover this unique destination; we can guarantee it will be memorable.