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Gunung Batur Bali’s Life Giving Volcano

A mental image of Bali is not complete without visions of deep green paddy fields. Rice can be produced by the important presence of Batur volcano. The history of rice cultivation which is the main crop on the island is therefore closely intertwined with Gunung Batur. A massive lake on the old caldera of the volcano is enough to provide water to the farmers that live in the lower lands. The custodian of the lake is the beautiful temple at Pura Ulun Danu Batur in Kintamani. Water is embodied in the figure of Dewi Danu she is the lake goddess and as with other deities in Bali she has to be kept pleased. For farmers paying respect to the lake is part of their lives, and every year there will be pilgrimages to the temple in Kintamani to preform elaborate rituals and ceremonies. Making the water goddess happy is essential to ensure a bountiful harvest.

Next time when you visit Bali and admire the sunrise from the top of the Batur Volcano take some time to ponder over the unique relationship between people and nature that bless this amazing island.

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