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Duration: Half Day
Locations: Java, Yogyakarta
Starting From: US$ 69
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From the hotel, our friendly driver will bring you to Prambanan to see the majestic Hindu Temple. Meet the local guide to explain the history and current restoration development of the temple after the strong earthquake in Yogyakarta of 2006.

After finishing the tour of Prambanan, you will return to Yogyakarta for a dinner and the Ramayana Ballet show: The ballet dances tell the story of the legendary Ramayana, a Hindu epic, presented in a series of graceful dance movements accompanied by gamelan music – an orchestra of traditional Javanese instruments. For those who enjoy cultural & religious displays, this is a very interesting performance not to be missed. The ballet brings together different aspects of traditional Javanese culture with dance, drama, music and costumes. Performers do not speak during the dance. The only storyteller comes from the sinden, a female singer who describes the story through Javanese singing.