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market in indonesia
Duration: Half Day
Locations: Bali
Starting From: US$ 99
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When we travel we always want to go to places where we feel we are the only foreigners. It gives us a sense of discovery and uniqueness. On the island of Bali at most places other travelers will be there already so that special feeling gets lost. Now imagine having a chance to visit a market where locals from all corners of Bali come to sell their products. Where the exotic fruits and vegetables are abundant, where the sights and smells show us we are in the East. Where in short we get a chance to see everyday life in a Balinese city and where we will not see other travelers.

Join us on a program that will take you away from the resorts and beaches into the world of an Asian city with Balinese accent. Trust your guide, as he will take you up and down narrow streets of a bustling morning market. The travel experiences that are a little bit outside our comfort zone and take us beyond the ordinary are the most memorable.