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Duration: 14 Days, 13 Nights
Locations: Flores, Maumere, Ruteng, Labuan Bajo
Starting From: US$ 1260 (min 2 persons)
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Flores is one of Indonesia’s most unspoiled islands and this is one of our best Flores eco tours. With this Flores package you get a glimpse insight of Flores’ amazing cultural diversity, its fascinating landscape and natural treasures. Face the unique and majestic Komodo Dragon and be dazzled by the bright colors of the lakes of the Kelimutu volcano. Flores also offers beautiful beaches, a hilly inland and stunning rice field sceneries, perfectly suitable for laid-back strolling or more adventurous treks. The underwater world is simply magnificent and is a tropical paradise you can discover by snorkeling and diving.

Not only natural wonders make this an unforgettable travel experience. The true magic of the island comes from the Flores locals with their heart-warming friendliness.


  • Day 1: Maumere Arrival

    You will be transferred to your hotel from the airport. Your hotel is comfortable and is right on the beach. Here you can relax, go snorkeling or stroll on the beach.

    Accommodation: Sea World(Superior Cottage)

  • Day 2: Maumere

    A free day.

    Optionally you can practice your trekking skills by climbing Mt Egon, the volcano that lies in the vicinity of Maumere. When talking about East Flores, Kelimutu National Park with its tri-colored crater lakes is definitely the first thing to cross one’s mind. Beyond Kelimutu, there are actually more than twelve volcanoes throughout Flores that are suitable for trekking. Mount Egon is one of them: sitting astride the narrow waist of East Flores, its summit reveals a crater 350m wide and 200m deep. Depending on the season, there is also a lake in the crater. Other small crater lakes can be found on the flanks of Mount Egon. Its 1671m high summit is formed by a lava dome from which billow puffs of smoke emerge.

    The hike to the summit takes 3–4 hours, and is well worth the effort considering the absolutely amazing views from the crater rim into the volcano and over the island. Starting out through dry grasslands, you will soon hike through savannah scrubs interspersed with eucalyptus trees. After about two hours you will get a first glimpse of wide-open landscapes. Another hour of hiking brings you to the summit, where you can walk around the rim or even go down towards the seasonally dried out crater lake.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: Sea World(Superior Cottage)

  • Day 3: Tiwu Soralake and Murusobe(twin waterfalls)

    Today we will start with a 2-day trip with overnight stay in the village of Deturia. This beautiful hike leads right into the heart of Lio culture and country. Tiwu Sora is a small lake that is inhabited by a population of giant black eels. It is sacred, and the people of the area believe that the souls of the dead travel to the lake and are incarnated as the eels. From the starting point, the trail takes you first across open grassland savannah where you can find water buffalo, then upwards through forest which opens out into savannah again. This part is home to wild horses. After three hours you will reach the village of Deturiawhere the friendly locals will welcome you very warmly. One of the village elders will perform a ritual with you, so that you are allowed to enter the immediate area of the sacred lake. At an elevation of 1200m, it gets quite chilly at night – so don’t forget to bring warm clothes.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Accommodation: Local House Deturia

  • Day 4: Moni

    Today you will be fed a village breakfast and then continue your journey south to the Murusobe twin waterfalls in Sika. These impressive sights can be reached after four hours of hiking through dense forest. The water falls from almost 100 meters. Your driver will await you in a nearby village. You continue on to Moni, where you arrive in the late afternoon. Moni will be the starting point for a visit to the Kelimutu.

    Meals: Breakfast & Lunch
    Accommodation: Daniel Lodge

  • Day 5: Moni

    An early start to the Kelimutu volcano; you might have a chance to see a spectacular sunrise. It is a mysterious place with it’s three lakes constantly changing colour. After breakfast you will walk back towards Moni. You will walk through different traditional weaving villages. In Pemo village there is a traditional house called ‘Sao Ria’, which you can visit. Via Woloara you continue towards Moni.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: Daniel Lodge

  • Day 6: Bajawa

    You drive through a beautiful deep valley to Bajawa, the heart of Flores. You’ll see a variety of landscapes and this is one of the most beautiful drives on the island. We stop at the beach to stroll around. In the late afternoon we arrive in Bajawa, where you stay overnight in a hotel in the centre of town. The local market is just a few blocks away from your accommodation.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: Happy Happy

  • Day 7: Trekking Belaraghi

    Just outside Bajawa is the starting point of the 11 km long trek to the traditional Ngada village Belahragi. You walk together with a local guide and it’s mostly downhill through bamboo forest and agricultural fields. The village consists of two parallel rows of 16 houses, and the land structure is ascending like the other traditional villages in this area. To the Belaragi people, visitors from abroad are guests, not tourists. Therefore, guests are traditionally welcomed with a ceremony called ti’Ikaebunusi, which translates as ‘give food to the ancestors”. A bamboo flute ‘suling’ concert makes the visit complete.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Accommodation: Local House Belaraghi

  • Day 8: Bajawa

    In the morning we walk appr. 1 hour downhill back to the south where our car is waiting. We continue to Ruteng. On the way to Ruteng you will see people working in the countryside and stop by places where the local drink Arak is made. Ranamese means “big lake” in the local language and is not far from Ruteng. This 11,5 ha sized lake was a crater which eventually created deep-slope bank of water. The lake is surrounded by rainforest and is home to endemic birds.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: SMBC(Superior Room)

  • Day 9: Ruteng

    Early in the morning you leave to climb the volcano Ranaka, 2286m. It takes 9 km to reach the top. It is an exciting and exhausting climb, but you will be highly rewarded once you see the magnificent view from the summit. Poco Ranaka is part of a volcanic chain in Central Manggarai. The volcano is still very active. At the summit of Ranaka there is a chapel, which is a popular place of pilgrimage among the locals. After the descent there is a possibility to visit the Liang Bua cave. This cave became world-famous after the discovery of a skull from the Homo Floresiensis, an expedition led by Professor Peter Brown.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: SMBC(Standard Room)

  • Day 10: Dintor

    After breakfast you walk (approximately 2 hours) in the surroundings of Ruteng. You will pass villages where the children smile and locals take you by the hand. In Cancar you can see the ancient and rare spider web rice-fields, which are called Lingko. Cancar is definitely one of the best places to observe these round fields. We will continue to Dintor, a village close to the south-coast of Flores. It is a stunning ride on unpaved paths, passing many green rice-fields.Late afternoon we will arrive in Dintor, where we stay overnight in a local guesthouse with a lovely view. A simple meal will be prepared for us.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: Pondok Martinus(Superior Room)

  • Day 11: Trekking Waerebo

    The following days you’ll make a beautiful trek through lush-green mountainous areas. You stay the night in the houses of the local people. This part of Flores is rarely visited by tourists and you will experience how warm and friendly the local people are. In past times the people lived in enormous round houses, sometimes accommodating up till 200 people. When the Dutch arrived they demolished the houses, which in their opinion were far from hygienic and so this ancient treasure was lost. But, hidden in the mountains, there is a place that still has a few of these these mythical houses. Today there is a challenging climb to Wea Rebo, a village hidden in the mountains, with a spectacular setting, that is only accessible by foot. Again we will be welcomed as honoured guests, with a special ceremony. In this village you will stay the night, and you will have plenty of time to see the local way of life. You will be overwhelmed by the peacefullness and the beauty of the place.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Accommodation: Local House Wae Rebo

  • Day 12: Trekking Waerebo

    Today we descend via a path only used by the locals. We go up and down at a calm pace untill we have descended to sea level in about five hours. Along a partially bad road we drive past beautiful vistas of the coast. Not until the end of the afternoon we will arrive in Labuan Bajo.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Accommodation: Golo Hilltop(Superior Room)

  • Day 13: Boat trip Rinca(Komodo National Park)

    In the early morning we leave by small fisherboat for Rinca, one of the few places where the magnificent Komodo Dragon lives. We will stroll around the isle that offers astonishing views. In the afternoon there will be some time left to go snorkeling by one of the other islands. Around dusk we will go back to Labuan Bajo.

    Meals: Breakfast & Lunch
    Accommodation: Golo Hilltop(Superior Room)

  • Day 14: Labuan Bajo Departure

    Transfer to the airport.

    Meals: Breakfast