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Duration: Full Day
Locations: Java, Kotagede
Starting From: US$ 89
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In the morning you will be driven to Kotagede where you will experience old Javanese cultural heritage. Historically, Kotagede was the capital of the old Mataram Kingdom and became the center of culture and economic activities. In this area, you can see the traditional houses reflecting a combination of Javanese-Hinduism and Islam styles.

After a 2 hour tour by bike exploring the ancient houses and buildings, you will stop at a communal house namely Pendopo Dalem Ngaliman where you can experience the traditional Javanese dance as well as the gamelan. Gamelan is a traditional musical ensemble of Java and Bali, made up predominantly of percussive instruments. The lesson / workshop will take up around 45 minutes. The English-speaking instructor will teach you on how to do the Javanese dance that requires your concentration, as it is very slow moving.