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Rinjani Trekking
Duration: 5 Days, 4 Nights
Locations: Lombok
Starting From: US$ 294 (min 2 persons)
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Lombok’s sacred volcano, the world famous Gunung Rinjani, soars 3726 meters above sea level and is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. It attracts many trekkers and climbers annually for a trek upon it. This trek starts in Sembalun Lawang and ends in Senaru and includes Mt. Rinjani’s crater rim and summit, Segara Anak Lake and the sacred hot springs.


  • Day 1: Lombok Arrival

    Transfer from Senggigi or airport to Sembalun. Overnight in hotel with view on Rinjani.

    Accommodation: Lembah Rinjani(Standard Room)

  • Day 2: Crater Rim

    In the early morning you’ll have to register yourself at the Rinjani Information Centre (RIC) in Sembalun Lawang (1,156m). Here you will visit the Volcanology Center to check the seismograph, learn about the volcano, how the caldera and lake Segara Anak were formed and its patterns of eruption. Afterwards the RIC will prepare a briefing for you, describing the route details, the local traditions and the things you might see along the way. It also informs about rubbish management and safety procedures. The trek starts with a gently ascending walk through open grassland used by cattle to graze. After about 3 hours we reach Pos 2 Tengengean (1,500m) from where you can enjoy magnificent views upon Rinjani’s summit. We start a steep 3,5 hour climb towards the campside on the crater rim. Along the way you will see pine-like Casuarina’s, wild pigs and maybe even macaque monkeys.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Accommodation: Tent

  • Day 3: Lake

    A 3 am start is necessary for the exhausting three hour climb to the summit (3,726m). Once there, you will hopefully witness and amazing sunrise that will send shivers down your spine. Around 6.30 we return to the crater rim for a well-deserved breakfast. After some rest we will begin our descent to the crater-lake. The rest of the day will be free to enjoy the beautiful views, the mystic caves, to stroll around, to swim or to relax in one the sacred hotsprings, believed to have healing powers.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Accommodation: Tent

  • Day 4: Rim

    Late morning we start a two-hour climb to Plawangan 1, Senaru crater rim (2,461m). You will find edelweiss along the path and enjoy the view of the lake from the other side. We have lunch along the way and after arrival at our camp for the night we will wait for the sunset. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Accommodation: Tent

  • Day 5: Lombok Departure

    After breakfast we start our descend down the long trail to Senaru village (601m), through thick tropical forests, rich in flora, bird life and a variety of butterflies. You might see orchids, the long-tailed grey macaque monkeys, and, if lucky, the rare black ebony leaf monkey, locally known as lutung. Rest stops are taken along the way and in Pos 2, the Montong Satas shelter (1,500m). Locals will share their village stories and urban legends with you. After seven hours the trek finally ends at the Rinjani Trekking Centre in Senaru. Congratulation! Mission completed! Transfer to Senggigi or airport.

    Meals: Breakfast