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gunun kawi indonesia
Duration: Half Day
Locations: Bali, Ubud
Starting From: US$ 68
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At 09.00, today you will see the spiritual sight of Bali in depth.  The tour will start with creating an offering, called Canang in Bali. This offering will be brought to the temples to ask permission of the Gods to enter the temple. The guide will explain about the offering and the way of making the prayer before you will take the holy bath to purify yourself. At Gunung Kawi you will see the beautiful rice fields and the carved façade dating back to the 11th century. They are called the Kings tombs, commemorating the Udayana Kingdom.  The guide will lead you on small rice field paths surrounding the complex.

At Tirta Empul, the guide will take you around the temple with 14 Holy water spout for purification. Back to the Foundation you will be served a lunch at a beautiful spot amidst the rice fields surrounding the class rooms of the foundation.