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Solo Bike Trip

Bike Trip Solo

Starting from your hotel at 7.30am we cycle towards the Bengawan Solo river through local villages. To cross the river we use a traditional boat called a getek, this is a wooden boat used to transport people across the river at high tide. Once on the other side we continue on our bikes to visit a local karak workshop, a traditional cracker made from rice and see how it is made. Jumping back on your bike we get to explore the more rural side of Solo, cycling though the beautiful rice fields and small rural roads, this leads us too workshops that specializes in screen printing and sarong weaving, a famous technique called Batik, a wax resist dyeing is often used in this process. Next you will experience a workshop that makes traditional instruments that plays music from Java and Bali, this is called gamelan and is made up of bronze or iron gongs, drums mixed with some wooden string instruments. Solo is known for making its own homemade alcoholic beverages, you get to experience the process of how they make Ciu, an alcoholic drink made from sugar cane extraction. Our last stop before the hotel is a local shuttlecock-making workshop, this process is handmade and one household can make around 3600 shuttlecocks in one week. From here we cycle back to our hotel for a well-earned rest.

Getting there

Solo is located in Central Java, only 60km east of Yogyakarta. There are many ways of getting to Solo, many trains depart from Jakarta and take around 8 hours to reach your location. By car is the most common way and from Yogyakarta it only takes around 2 hours and you can visit Prambanan temple on the way.


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